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For Small Businesses (Up to 1,000 assets) - FAS FirstStep

FAS FirstStep provides advanced fixed asset accounting and reporting features for businesses managing fewer than 1,000 fixed assets. FAS FirstStep offers effective decisionmaking tools for integrated accounting environments, giving a complete overview of
your fixed assets at every stage. As the easiest to use, most affordable solution of its kind in the industry, FAS FirstStep is the right choice for your growing business.

For Mid-size Businesses (Up to 10,000 assets) - FAS Suite

Designed for companies with up to 10,000 fixed assets, FAS Suite combines FAS Asset Accounting, FAS Asset Inventory, and FAS Report Writer (each also available separately) to provide complete control over the entire fixed asset lifecycle.

For Medium Enterprises (Up to 10,000 assets) - FAS Suite for SQL Server

Well suited for companies who manage over 10,000 assets, FAS Suite for SQL Server features the same rock-solid depreciation calculations, financial reports and detailed records found in FAS Suite plus alternative accounting periods, enhanced history tracking, incredible speed, and greater scalability. FAS Suite for SQL Server includes FAS Asset Accounting for SQL Server ,FAS Asset Inventory for SQL Server , and FAS Report Writer (each also available separately).



Bell & Gossett is a leading manufacturer of pumps that move and control water. Its products are found throughout the world's infrastructure and, as the need for heating and cooling increases, so does the demand for its pumps. The company must track a wide variety of assets, from machine tools that fabricate metal to research lab equipment.

In order to keep track of its inventory data, Bell & Gossett utilized Microsoft® Excel spreadsheets to record
asset details and produce the numbers needed for tax reports. In 1993, the company began searching for a
more robust and flexible solution that would provide more control over assets for fast
and accurate tax reporting.

Bell & Gossett selected
FAS Suite, the industry-leading fixed asset management solution, which includes FAS
Asset Accounting™, FAS Asset Inventory™, and FAS Report Writer™.

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