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Human resources (HR)

Human resources (HR) represents the life and energy of any organization. Accurately administrating a company’s work force is vital to its successand growth. The Abra HR module allows companies to manage informationbased on their unique HR structure and needs. Because Abra HR links withthe MAS 90 and MAS 200 Payroll modules, employee data is entered justonce and is shared with the entire system — leaving time to addressstrategic business issues that support recruiting and maintaining acompetitive work force.

Abra HR provides many benefits, but the most impressive feature isproviding a means to quickly access key data with minimal effort. HRpersonnel are just keystrokes away from viewing data like emergencyinformation or performance reviews due for any employee. The abilityto promptly analyze critical company data is also within reach, includingsalaries, turnover ratios and performance issues.

Benefits administration has never been easier than with Abra HR. Evaluate multiple benefit plans for easy comparison, generate reports on employees’prior benefits elections, track employees on COBRA coverage, roll overcurrent benefits to the next year — all quickly and easily.HR personnel can also trace individual employee training and certificationprogress, health profiles, and schedule recurring drug testing and physicalexams. Integrating with the Attendance module also allows management ofabsence transactions with data flowing from MAS 90 Payroll. And, ofcourse, all of these features maintain a high level of security regardingsensitive employee data.


Payroll accuracy and efficiency are critical to individual employees, company bottom lines and government agencies. You need the control to process your payroll accurately and quickly every time. Abra Payroll is fully integrated with Abra Suite HRIS, the market leading Human Resources system, so you enter data just once and instantly share it with the entire system for maximum efficiency. Benefits administration and attendance plan management are automatically integrated with payroll processing.

Powerful tax compliance reporting and analysis, excellent tracking of employee hours and accrual balances, maximum security and a variety of check disbursing options give you both control and flexibility for your company's individual structure and needs.

In addition to a comprehensive, highly flexible list of features, Abra Payroll provides tools for strategic planning and handling of critical tasks. You can easily generate cost accounting and labor distribution reports, determine payroll allocations and satisfy government filing requirements with built-in standard reports and forms. Abra Payroll includes convenience features such as guided setup interviews for establishing tax, earnings, and deduction parameters, one-step single check calculation and printing, gross-up calculation and customized checks — while multi-level security protects confidential payroll data from unwanted access.

"Acterna's selection of Abra Suite® has been used for quite some time by the human resources department, and we are quite pleased with the integration of this software which has
streamlined our duties considerably," said Nancy Laughlin, Human Resources Manager for Acterna.

"Having a system that is this affordable and portable is exactly what our industry needs during such times of mergers and acquisitions."

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