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MAS 500 is a highly reliable, robust and integrated series of applications covering all areas of enterprise e-business, including accounting, budgeting, distribution, manufacturing, human resources, payroll, financial reporting and electronic commerce.

The products are designed exclusively for the enterprise market, and leverages Microsoft tools, technology and architecture to provide a flexible, scalable and full-featured e-business management solution.

MAS 500 offers market-leading functionality in a variety of areas. Its distribution capabilities are extensive, offering a compelling solution to companies in the business of distribution. The outstanding manufacturing capabilities include project accounting, routings, bill of materials, work orders, MRP, scheduling, job costing, and labor reporting. With the budgeting module, customers can improve their business control while increasing the efficiency of the budgeting process. An out-of-the-box e-Commerce application gets customers up and running quickly with an integrated, powerful, workflow-optimized Web site. In addition, MAS 500 is designed to be integrated into other applications, including Web sites and e-commerce applications, allowing customers to fully support their e-business plans with MAS 500. These strengths combine with many others to provide a complete solution for the small enterprise market.

MAS 500 modules have won several awards, including three consecutive Micosoft Best Technology Integration Awards for leading the industry in technical superiority, as well as three consecutive Software Technical Assistance Recognition (STAR) awards for outstanding customer service. In addition, Best and Best partners provide professional application training and implementation to provide a smooth and effective transition to MAS 500.

Around the world, the name “Teva” has become virtually synonymous with Velcro-strapped sandals. More than 100 different shoe models are now offered through licensees, catalog sales and the Internet. Exponential growth in direct marketing distribution channels forced Teva to rethink its business management strategies. Since 1993, catalog sales had been tracked effectively by MAS 90. But with the potential of e-commerce on the horizon, Teva’s needs changed. A super-powered database with customizable applications became an absolute necessity. MAS 500 was their solution of choice.

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