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RevolvingCharge is a scalable Accounts Receivables workstation application providing:

  • Broad account information capability: Primary account information, primary second address, secondary account holder information, co-signer information, comments, etc. Options for accounting by divisions, locations, and categories.
  • Highly configurable account level custom receivable terms such as installment contracts, revolving credit (using average daily balance), net30, n-days same as cash, etc.
  • Flexibility in finance charge settings to defer finance charges or override finance charge rate for user set number of periods.
  • Granular user-control of due dates, grace dates, late fee dates and robust, flexible late fee parameters.
  • Extensive Payment options to defer minimum payment due or override calculated minimum payment due for user set number of periods. Options for handling over / pre payments. Also includes rewards programs using payment, purchase, and referral parameters.
  • Debit and credit transactions may be entered through program interface or through imports from other applications. Invoice individual line detail may be entered to show on statements
  • Statements printed to customer designed pre-printed or custom statements or to file for outsourced mailings.
  • Powerful aging and collections capabilities. Aging data instantly available. Account specific content for collection letters with five levels of severity. Collection contact results logging.
  • This can be a stand-alone system, or integrated to a complete financial accounting system, such as MAS 90.

Petroleum Distributor (PD)

The Petroleum Distributor system transforms the Best MAS 90 or MAS 200 accounting system software into a truly “state of the art” petroleum information and accounting system. We have enhanced the Accounts Receivable, Inventory Management, and Sales Order modules, and these, working together with the PD module, form a powerful, fully integrated system designed to handle the specific accounting needs of a petroleum distributor.

Auto PO

This add-on gives you the ability to automatically generate the Purchase Orders that the MRP Generation suggests via the Purchase Order Register, and add a Print Option to that Register. Without this add-on, the PO register is simply that – a register that guides you to manual entries of PO’s. This allows you to finalize that register by automatically creating the Purchase Orders using the MRP data recommendations. Using this enhancement to the MRP presupposes user familiarity with the functions of the MRP.