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ICS offers Information Technology Services you have been looking for. ICS uses industry "best practices" and proven methodologies. Our services include:

  • HARDWARE MAINTENANCE–On site service by our network certified technicians. ICS provides personalized and professional services utilizing the best technical resources available.
  • SYSTEMS SECURITY–Loss of sensitive information, viruses, and Denial of Service are constant threats. Protect your investment,minimize network downtime, and eliminate failures. ICS can evaluate your system position to prevent unauthorized hits, and provide security guidelines for your networking environment.
  • NETWORK SYSTEM AUDITS–ICS will evaluate and document your IT infrastructure. This can be a lifesaver for security resolution. What's onyour network? Know your resource allocations.
  • DISASTER RECOVERY/DATA MANAGEMENT–ICS can evaluate your data center and help you plan backup strategies for data recovery. Whatwill it cost you to be out of business for 4 hours? For 4 days? Have you a recovery plan? ICS also has off-site data management storage facilities.
  • HELP DESK–Do you have an IT staff? If not, you may be spending too many resources by fielding help desk questions and findingprotocols. Let us provide this technical support for you.
  • APPLICATION HOSTING–Control the cost of ownership with faster deployment, reduce technology obsolescence, and improve internal efficiencies. Use ICS database administration without incurring theemployee costs.
  • CRYSTAL REPORT DEVELOPMENT–Crystal is the industry standard report engine for most applications. ICS has Crystal technicianson staff to develop custom reports or support reports you are currently using.
  • DATA CONVERSION–ICS is an authorized Data Migrator Specialist. With our under-the-hood knowledge of software applications as Master Developers, we can offer you superb conversion and migration services.